About Viva

Viva La'Veese, a Mother of 2, dance Instructor, Trainer and Author began teaching and Performing "Burlesque" in 2009 shortly after Surviving Postpartum Depression. Burlesque quickly became a way that Viva embraced her new "Mom Bod", her new responsibilities as a Mother and her new role as a Woman. After the success of her Heels Class working at a Pole Studio in Downtown Philadelphia, Viva knew it was Time to Fully Embrace her Calling so as of December 2012, Viva Created what is Affectionately known today as VIVA LA'DANCE.

Viva La'Dance is a Flirty Fitness Experience Created for "The Everyday Woman." Viva Knew That By Creating a "Safe Haven" for Women To come to for "Me Time" She would Change The Dynamics in Many Households Forever. Viva La'Dance is known for Increasing Your Confidence, Spicing Up Your Relationship, Introducing you To Other Like-minded Females, Helping You Lose Weight and Showing You How To have Some Serious Fun! Dancing Sexy Should Never Make you Feel Ashamed, and Viva Teaches The Everyday Woman that you can Be a Mother, Student, Wife, Employee etc and Still Embrace your Sex Appeal and Femininity!

Our Motto is "Don't Just Do It... FckItUpppppp!" as well as "Do That Shit Scared" and We Live By This Creed In Every Aspect of Our Lives!